CEO, Mr. I-Te Pan, Year 1971 since our establishment from the home-style assembly line in processing the machinery parts, during the old fashion way of handcrafted era in product making as well as lacked of resource altogether, we had no choice but multi-tasking from customer sourcing, sales order, production management, after-sales service, and accounting management personally. In 1978, the company new official name announced as Cheng Day Machinery Works Co. Ltd. We started to expand our sales in five continents and a worldwide-presence, with office from China branch, United States, and Japan branch. Cheng Day has long been recognized as a leader through its scientific management system in developing elevator, heavy duty machinery, and parking system new resulting in ever maximizing our business with high reputation worldwide.

proimages/about/about03b-1.jpgCheng Day has proprietary brands Black Bear, U-Mega, and Yong Sheng for marketing purpose and allied with partners in Japan, and countries of Europe to ensure mutual success. Mr. Pan indicated "Customers' satisfaction and expectation must be guaranteed 100% by way of professionalism, safety, and service through our best value-added products, cost consciousness in developing total solution for customers, to maintain the long term relationship with them to create win-win solution". He attributed the key to continue success on "keep our talented R & D team in cutting edge", make Black Bear the right choice to satisfy client's most demanding hoist application, also embed industry best practices going into Green Business. As human orientation is the basis for an enterprise's move-on development. Optimized management, definite company strategy, take social responsibility, stress employee personal value, offer staffs a flexible platform to contribute themselves toward the career, cooperate with government organization & school to train more young generation. Cheng Day is committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity. Our core values are rooted in our corporate culture; customer-oriented, respect individuals, pursuit of excellence, benefit all mankind, and everyday business practices.