• -2022
  • 2022


      In line with the National Green Energy Policy, workshop equipped with Solar Panels. ”.


      Developed “Offshore Davit Crane” and certified by TUV SUD CE.

  • 2021


      Extend Taiwan factory land and reconstruct workshop and new office building to now 36,000 M2

  • 2017


      Obtained Patent Certificate on “Intermittent turntable with rack lift device”.


      Extend Permanent Magnetic Wire Rope Hoist series to capacity 50ton max.


      Extend Air Chain Hoist series to capacity 50ton max. And go for ATEX certification.

  • 2015


      Achieved " Specific Rope Guide and Planetary Geared Limit Switch Assembly" for Taiwan, Germany, Japan, China, United States patent.


      Create 0.25 ton ~ 20 ton new generation air chain hoists.


      Create 3.2 ton ~ 20 ton PM wire rope hoist series as the Green Product

  • 2014


    Extend Taiwan factory area to 5,500 m2 for wire rope hoist assembly and heavy duty fabrication, to implement 4 business groups.

  • 2013


    Been honored of the 3rd National Industrial Innovation.

  • 2011


      Cooperate with NHPS Japan for Parking System new business.


      Expanded Taiwan factory area to 35,000 m2. Capital NT$ 210 millions.

  • 2010


      Passed specific qualified manufacturer of mechanical parking equipment in buildings by Taiwan government.


      Established dept. of parking equipment system in Taipei, Taiwan.

  • 2008


    Passed the 200 tons stationary crane certificate by Labor Inspection Institute, Executive Yuan.

  • 2007


    Kunshan Ching Tu Cage Fitting Co., Ltd. in Shanghai already expanded the factory building.

  • 2006


    Kunshan Grand Asia Machinery Works Co., Ltd. in Shanghai already expanded the factory building.

  • 2005


    Developing and launch clean-room overhead crane and hoist for high tech industries.

  • 2004


      Developing and launch new generation Electric Chain Hoist


      Implementing Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system

  • 2001


      Achieved the "CSA" certification.


      Established Kunshan Ching Tu Elevator Co., Ltd. Shanghai China.

  • 2000


      Achieved the "ISO 9001" certification.


      Achieved the "150 tons overhead crane with crab certificate" by Taiwan Power Co.

  • 1999~

    • 1999

      Passed the elevator certificate by Labor Inspection Institute, Executive Yuan.


      Passed the 150 tons stationary crane certificate by Labor Inspection Institute, Executive Yuan.


      Passed the registration of professional elevator manufacturer by Construction and Planning Administration MOI.


      First grade member of Chinese Association of Lifting Equipment Security.


      Been honored of the: Eight Nation Award of Small and Medium Enterprises.


      President, Mr. I-Te Pan was awarded as the 7th board chairman of Chinese Association of Crane.


      Passed the 50tons crane production and assembly certificate in Chiang Su Province, China.

    • 1998

      Achieved the "CE-MARK" certification.


      Set up the Heavy Industry Division


      Set up a branch in California U.S.A..

    • 1997

      Achieved the "ISO 9002" certification.


      Set up the Elevator Division.


      Achieved the "Type Approval of Crane Fabrication" by the Department of Labor Affair Taiwan Provincial


      Government Labor Inspection Office.

    • 1996

      Signed the consultant contract with Corporate Synergy Development Center for the ISO 9002 application.


      Completed development and started promoting new model 240 kg light weight electric chain hoist, soft start/stop reduction gear motor.

    • 1995

      Through the evaluation of Industrial Bureau Ministry of Economic Affairs being certified as the qualified factory of "Center Manufacturing and Satellite Vendor System".

    • 1994

      Established Grand Asia Machinery Industry (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.in China for producing manual chain block, lever block and the marketing, installation and servicing of our electric hoist and overhead crane in China.

    • 1993

      Cooperated with Taichung Industrial High School for the teaching and training programs.

    • 1992

      Moved into the new factory. Add. No.173 Wen-chiu Rd., Da-Jia Dist. Taichung

    • 1990

      Started utilizing PC-CAD in R&D to improve the designing capability.


      YSL-100 electric chain hoist obtained "GS" certificate.


      Obtained "Federation European De La Manutention” FEM9.511 / 06.86 : 1BM certificate.

    • 1985

      Obtained the patent of the Electro-Magnetism Brake Controller using in "Electric Chain Hoist Motor Brake".

    • 1978

      Established Cheng Day Machinery Works Co., Ltd. Capital NT$ 5 millions.

    • 1971

      Established Yuan-Da Industrial Co. Capital NT$ 50,000.