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Cheng Day (Black Bear/ U-Mega) is an international certificated heavy lifting equipment supplier. Our Equipment is fittable for lifting equipment, material handling, elevator & parking system. Through the R&D center of Taiwan headquarter with clear strategic intent, we follow up national standard, CMAA, HMI, JIS & FEM to design and produce full series of heavy lifting equipment and related components. We are your reliable heavy lifting equipment supplier, offering to the domestic market, China market, also globally.

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Hoist Lifting Equipment

Our industrial hoist lifting equipment uses either a wire rope or chain, including an electric chain hoist and manual chain hoist to lift and move a load, as well as lifting equipment for the hazardous environment such as air hoist uses in sparkless places. Our hoist lifting equipment is sure to meet the necessary international safety and operational standards. Load capacities of our hoist lifting equipment range between 250 kg to 200 tons. Safe and work smoothly.

Lifting Crane Equipment

Cheng Day heavy lifting equipment supplier also provides lifting cranes including overhead cranes, bridge cranes, overhead traveling cranes, gantry cane, jib cranes, portal crane, etc. The overhead bridge cranes are with three different types which are low speed, regular speed, and high-speed gantry types.

Your Heavy Lifting Equipment Supplier : Move Your Business Forward Efficiently

Cheng Day is the leading heavy lifting equipment manufacturer for industrial purposes. We offer a wide range of cranes and hoists with the most significant innovations developed, we make difference. The reliability of our lifting equipment is both the result of our experience and commitment to technical excellence. We continue to invest the latest facilities and know-how in long-term technology development and short-term products performance enhancement, for diverse applications of industrial fields.

Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change. ~ Jim Rohn

How much can really change in 44 years? The period is as clear and alive as yesterday. But the world around us continues to change by different people’s perceptions, improved lifestyle, industrial style, and more high tech in. We realize that we need to keep moving, things can only get better. Cheng Day heavy lifting equipment supplier exactly knows what customers’ demand, offer custom-made design. Put in new features to improve and upgrade products, we have patents for parts in heavy lifting equipment for the crane. We also create new models every year to extend usage.

Heavy Lifting Equipment

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Cheng Day (Black Bear / U-Mega) is an international certificated manufacturer of lifting equipment / material handling, elevator & parking system. Through R&D center of Taiwan headquarter with clear strategic intent, follows up national standard, CMAA, HMI, JIS & FEM to design and produce full series of crane system & related components, capacity range from 0.25ton to 400ton. We are the Global Hoist Solution Provider, offer to domestic market, also globally.

We can reach these scopes, Steel, Casting, various Manufacturing, Power plant, Nuclear plant, Mining, Ship, Transportation, Paper, Building, Heavy duty, clean-room…we devote ourselves to penetrate the market & do research. We lift your business and you’ll never guess they cost you less.

Innovated Technique to deep develop Power Industry

Founded in Taiwan, eye on the world, Cheng Day Machinery Works Co., Ltd. actively develop the international market and set our own commercial networks with global customers. You can find thousands of hoists produced by Cheng Day in South Africa ESKOM power station; also can see giant hydroelectric machine in Meuse river Belgium; light-weight, robust, newly developed mining hoists are worked well in South Africa platinum mines which 4.5km underground; fast speed with powerful motor air hoists take the key role in Middle-East Oil & Gas lifting work. Nowadays numerous products from Cheng Day entered into different fields of the whole world.

With decades experience, Cheng Day’s R&D department always meet customer’s requirement and design proper products quickly and efficiently. Experienced production department and strict QC system guaranteed all products with stable quality. Think what customer want, do what customer need, Cheng Day’s sales department always the perfect bridge between company and customer.

Create opportunities and seize them, Cheng Day Group grows quickly with innovation. We will work together with all our valued customers to create a bright future.