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Electric Wire Rope Hoists, Wire Rope Hoist, Electric Rope Hoist

In lifting equipment crane, there has been applied in different sites widely, such as cable reel equipment, transportation, hoist and crane etc. Nowadays the application has been expanding to other industries. There are several types of crane : fixed crane, mobile crane, derrick, elevator, construction lifter and cage lift, etc... and we have been receiving orders from South Africa markets and used in Chemical industry. We welcome worldwide buyers to contact us and we look forward to your inquiry!

Our electric wire rope hoist (electric rope hoist) has been widely applied to lifting facility, crane, and with features are below:

  • Our hoist uses the wire rope of the intermediate intensity. Though the overall size is greater than the hoist with high intensity wire rope, it’s excellent to absorb energy when load impact repeatedly. Thus, it can extend fatigue time. Further, larger contact area of wire rope, lower the abrasion rate. More, it’s easy to buy this type of wire rope, you can lower the maintenance cost.
  • Reducer and electric motor are located at two sides of drum. Transmission via drive shaft which is inside of the drum. The device is conducive to the balance of traversing and solves the balance problem as well.
  • Our wire rope hoist frame is built out of weld formed frame is built out of weld formed before processing that is with higher impact resistance compared to bolted joint type.
  • Two selections for brake: AC & DC to meet market demand.
  • For Hoist with smaller trolley gauge, shaft for traversing wheel can be adjusted according to the height. It can match up the error of two girder cambers and ensures four wheels touching the traversing rail.
  • The main electric components are adopted from well-known brands, and easy to purchase.

Why AC (Alternating Current) or DC (Direct Current) Brakes?

Both of AC and DC can comply with industrial requirement which using in our electric wire rope hoists very well. Unless you have specific considering about “Noise level”, DC Brake should be good choice.
AC : 90~100 db , DC : 70~80 db
We use INTORQ (Lenze Germany) DC Electromagnetic safety brake. Besides low noise basic request, it’s with big brake torque, long life span. Its features come from multi-coil technology instead of the single structure, as well as wear-resistant rotor capability to achieve the torque requirements for users. The brake reaction speed becomes one of key points to users, if the brake doesn’t open in time, will make the motor blocked and burned. INTORQ has good solution on this.