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Electric Wire Rope Hoist Manufacturers

The electric wire rope hoist is a lifting device used in various industries, construction sites, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities to vertically lift and move heavy loads. As one of the leading wire rope hoist manufacturers in Taiwan, Cheng Day provides numerous models to solve lifting problems.

Features of Our Electric Wire Rope Hoists

  1. Absorbing Energy Efficiently - Cheng Day electric wire hoist utilizes an intermediate intensity wire rope. Despite having larger dimensions compared to hoists using high-intensity wire rope, this hoist excels at absorbing energy during repetitive load impacts. As a result, it effectively extends the fatigue time of the equipment.
  2. Low Maintenance Cost - The larger contact area of the wire rope reduces the rate of abrasion. Additionally, purchasing this type of wire rope is convenient which helps reduce maintenance costs.
  3. Good Balance - The drum houses both reducers and electric motors at its opposing sides. A drive shaft within the drum facilitates transmission. This setup not only aids in maintaining the balance during movement but also effectively resolves any balance issues that may arise.
  4. Better Impact Resistance - Our electric wire rope hoist frame is constructed using welded forming prior to processing, providing superior impact resistance when compared to bolted joints.
  5. Brake Choices - We offer two brake options: AC and DC, catering to diverse market needs and preferences.
  6. Adaptable Adjustment - For electric wire hoists with a smaller trolley gauge, it is able to adjust the shaft for the traversing wheel according to the height. This adjustment helps align with the potential variation in the camber of the two girders, ensuring that all four wheels maintain contact with the traversing rail.
  7. Easy Components Procurement - We use renowned brands for the primary electrical components, ensuring easy procurement.

Electric wire rope hoists are essential tools in material handling and lifting applications, providing a reliable and controlled means of lifting heavy objects safely and efficiently. For more details about electric wire rope hoists, feel free to contact Cheng Day.