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From green innovation to sustainable growth


In response to the global climate change in recent years as well as the lack of resources, businesses are promoting "Green growth" as new thinking and high-quality development as the main goal. This makes the global economic development a giant step toward a "green economy." Enterprises that recognize these changes and take the benefit of the new competitive advantage are the best opportunities to gain for sustainable growth.

Green innovation is not only boosting a firm’s competitiveness while maintaining the environment and its valuable resources for the future generations but also new products and processes which provide customer and business value but significantly decrease environmental impacts. Green innovation also results in positive environmental externalities: the value created by cleaner technologies can be appropriated by the entire society.

At hoisting equipment, Cheng Day Group is continuing to develop the new energy-efficient hoisting systems. For example :
1. BLFD electric chain hoist :
*Permanently Magnetic DC Brushless Motor, IP55, with insulation F and has overheat protection.
*Variable frequency control, low starting current, high efficiency, energy saving.
2. PM (Permanent Magnetic Motor) wire rope hoist :
*Permanent magnetic motor design : 1.5 times of starting current. 230% high torque, compare with traditional induction motor which has 6-8 times starting current, PM motor save energy at least 30~50%.

Not only Green innovation will be the necessary for enterprises to achieve sustainable development but also the only irreplaceable avenue. Through "Green innovation", Cheng Day Group reduces the consumption of resources, develops green technologies that reduce pollution, and creates a sustainable shared value of the environment, society and the economy.

Electric Wire Rope Hoist (PM series - Permanent Magnet Motor)

Smart & Green

Prototype of Permanent Magnet Motor was created in year 2008, reliable & stable. After PM hoist completed its design and durable test, we launched PM series in the beginning of year 2015. Customers all noticed it from our exhibitions and global promotions in recently years, won much attention, mass production after it’s launched successfully. The 3rd National Industrial Innovation Award winning PM motor is good choice for industrial applications. They are with variable speeds and a load range from 3.2 ton to 50 ton, are highly versatile.

PM series mainly used in the field of Precision Machining / Processing, Mould factory, or factory with limited installation space. Main features with variable speed fulfilled through inverter control and adjustable pendant knob, modern fashion appearance designed by most advanced European type, compact to fit ultra-low headroom, CE certification complied, Electric Load Cell with monitor, Patent Geared Limit Switch & Patent Rope Guide with protection ring. Global patents as additional value of marketing.