Rare-earth Metal belongs to Lanthanides, the general name of Rare-earth elements. Know as the “21 Century Technology Metal”, and Modern Industrial “Vitamin”. Though REM global transaction amount not much, it’s the key material of Hi-Tech industries. Widely used in the production of vehicle catalytic converter, oil purity catalyst, magnet material for PM Motor, lighter, glass, ceramics, electron, next-generation batteries, laser, nuclear-power, superconductor, steel material/aluminum /magnesium /Titanium alloy material. It’s the indispensable part of Hi-Tech Industries. No need to mention that all major industrial countries take REM as the strategic resource.

Presently global REM market demands rare earth oxide 8-9 ton each year, however because the uneven distribution of the mineral supply, it’s very hard to obtain for a long time. Global REM mineral distributions are China (30.86%), USA (14.88%), Australia(5.99%), CIS(21.67%), India (1.30%), Brazil( 0.10%), Malaysia(0.03%) and other area (25.17%). EU and Japan do not have REM mineral, thus all imported from China, however, because of the increasing demands of Hi-Tech Industries especially Green Energy, hard to obtain problem become more and more serious.

The reason of why REM so import is that it’s a necessary part of the Green Energy production, such as Electric Battery Vehicle, Permanent Magnetic Motor for Wind Power, Vehicle catalytic converter, chemical catalyst, LED, Monitor, lighting fluorescent material, high temperature sintering ceramics, and energy-saving bulbs. Based on the requirement of market and function application, Cheng Day R&D Group developed and designed the whole series of PM Motor which include: Permanently Magnetic Brushless Hoist Motor (BLFD), PM synchronous gearless traction machine (BB2), PM Electric Chain Hoist, PM Electric Wire Rope Hoist…etc. Magnet of PM motor consists of REM element Nd and other element, Sintered Nd-Fe-B Magnets.

Taiwan do not have mineral deposit, however it’s relatively developed to have related precious metal through resource recovery. Considering the Green Energy Industry, Taiwan should develop resource diplomacy, strengthen the cooperation with countries rich of mineral resource, contribute to mutual benefit and common prosperity resource economic cycle, strength production-study-research the application of resource and the R&D of new material technology, and focus on city-mineral, reduce the use of resource and develop alternative technology.