Product Report:BLFD series (Electric Chain Hoist, w/Permanently Magnetic Brushless Motor)

BLFD series (Electric Chain Hoist, w/Permanently Magnetic Brushless Motor)

Face the global energy shortage, most of the industrial countries are trying their best for controlling energy and create alternative resource. All of us use existing technologies as the basis to the technology improvement for increases the efficiency of energy through its conversion. No matter the electrical products that using in industrial or livelihood, the power source still used for the motor to be the basic power source. Therefore, the improvement and the material choosing for the design of Motor with the best know-how it’s the big job for us.

In recent years due to the High Energy Product Magnets application of the electrical technology and the material producing process technology improve quickly. The application of the motor is also improved the structural design fast. And the High Energy Product Magnets cut into control technology and applications that continue to expand its application areas and strengthen their control performance and increase the overall operating for a single motor and system efficiency. In the industrial machinery field, also used the frequency of High Energy Product Magnet for DC Magnetic Brushless Motor that is in the low speed while lower operation conditions with high torque output and better controlling, and getting more attention especially for non-long-term operation and the bigger range of the loading, or intermittent operating for a higher frequencies place, for example, winch and other lifting equipment.

Chengday is one of the leader manufacture company for the hoist manufacture factory in this country. To face of the industry and changing, how to integrate new development the technology and material for the products. To make the products reach the energy saving, and improve the product features, and the additional value of production, that is always been strategically direction of our company In this premise, face to the motor performance, function requirements improvement and driving technology development trends, our company thought our energy for the development and research of the DC brushless motor hoist. We have already development one new model: BLFD, the capacity is 80KG to 480KG, to meet the industrial demand of the market.