Product Report : Electric Wire Rope Hoist

Product Report 2011/9/24:
Electric Wire Rope Hoist Application

In Lifting equipment crane has been applying in different sites widely, such as cable reel equipment, transportation, hoist and crane etc. Nowadays the application has been expanding to other industries. There are several types of crane : fixed crane, mobile crane, derrick, elevator, construction lifter and cage lift, etc...

Type of Fixed Cranes : Overhead crane, cantilever crane, bridge crane, loader, cable crane, container crane & single girder crane. However, wire rope hoist is the most widely applied among fixed cranes, such as in steel factory high capacity of crane is frequently used. And high lift crane in a difficult circumstance with bad weather.

The reason why wire rope hoist is most widely been applied is because of consideration of safety factor, especially the limitation of wire rope usage. It does not allow to be operated with below circumstance under the standard of crane structure : (1) wire rope : rule of thumb for mooring wires would be breakage in 10% of the visible strands in any length of wire. (2) Wire rope diameter less than nominal wire rope diameter 7%. (3) Twisted wire rope. (4) Deterioration and corrosion of wire rope. For safety reason, wire rope needs to be changed with above conditions.

Due to the global oil & natural gas shortages problems nowadays, energy efficiency improvement and the comprehensive utilization efficiency of natural resources are main subjects for all. Facing to the increased demand of motor function & feature, it leads further skillful developments and researches. The application of motors have been commonly using from induction motor to permanent magnet which combines electronic techniques & researches to meet current development. This is the important task for manufacturers in technical improvement as well.