Model : BLFD-050,100,200
Product Description
Electric Chain Hoist - BLFD-1 Series

Green Product Goes Into Industry - Permanent Magnet Brushless Motor

  1. Single phase for household electricity.
    Available voltage 90V – 130V or 190V – 270v, 50Hz / 60Hz.
    Easy to fit normal power supply.
  2. For portable electrical appliance, under 250V rated voltage , the rated current should be within 15 Amp, exactly meets safe requirement.
  3. Unique innovation PM motor with VFD driver. Low starting current, not exceed 150% rated, energy efficient.
  4. Duty cycle rated at 30% ED(FEM 1Am, ISO M4 class), world - class in single phase series.
  5. Adjustable mechanical brake clutch unit prevents overload precisely.
  6. International safety devices : Limit switch prevents subject moves beyond a predetermined range, the power is cut off when over lifting.
    Emergency stop button.
  7. Standard pendant control and optional remote control, with knob for variable speed operation.